EDGESeries22 is an agenda of 8 programs, each focused on a US Federal government mission and the technologies driving it. 


Executive Committee, Executive Committee Government, and Emeritus members can expect in-person presentations from relevant senior Federal appointed, career and elected officials, and live on-site presentations broadcast into the program venue from US state and local jurisdictions, and US/NATO partner nations.  Associate members will be able to join the program virtually.


Complementing each program will be a Focus on Technology segment highlighting a technology or unique service capability relevant to the mission focus of each EDGESeries program. 


Identity management, 5G, artificial intelligence and advanced analytics, quantum and edge computing, cloud and IT modernization strategies, all will be incorporated into mission discussions featuring leaders from government, business, and recognized SMESs.

March 24

Technologies of Border Protection

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April 28

Technology and New Directions in Law Enforcement

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May 4

GBEF Executive Committee Special Event

June 23

Technology and the Revolution in Health Care

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August 4

Cyber and Physical Security: Escalating Threats & the New CISO

September 15

Drone and UAV Technologies Across Government and Critical Infrastructure: Promise and Peril 

October 13

Space, National Security and Economic Competitiveness

November 8

GBEF Election Night Event

November 17

Reducing the High Cost of Fraud


Metaverse: the next Big Thing or Much Ado About Not Much?

NOTE: Every effort will be made to stick with the scheduled dates, although speaker availability and other factors may occasionally necessitate a change.